The Masterclass for Speakers

People ARE Still Booking Speakers!

(and paying them)

Who else wants to be a paid and in-demand speaker right now?

We train women how to
  • Effectively blend their unique story, authenticity, financial challenges, successes and opportunities into a “killer” pitch and/or presentation
  • Authentically connect with their target market
  • Create noise and buzz around their brand
  • ​Go after their most promising prospects in a strategic way




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Dr. Natoshia Anderson

I've never had a mentor before. Precious is my first and I am so happy that I made the decision to have Precious in my life. She has change MY game. She has RAISED my game.

Renee Wengrofsky

I hosted a Linkedinlocal where Precious was the main speaker. I found her extremely insightful and held everyone's attention! She was very well received by everyone in attendance. I highly recommend her.

Tiffany Watts

Precious went ABOVE AND BEYOND to help me craft an amazing pitch. I AM SO GRATEFUL for her and amazing skills and I've chosen to keep working with her as I journey through the maze of raising capital for my company.

Mailaika Simmons

Precious has the incredible ability to "see" what you want to say, and paint the picture with words. She is truly gifted and if you want eyes and ears to perk up she's the one you want!


The Masterclass for Speakers

Since the dawn of time, public speaking has been more feared than death! Can you believe that? But the advantages to becoming a great public speaker far outweigh the fears. If you have the talent or the interest to go into professional speaking as a career, then speaking will open up doors to secret opportunities that only a few know about.

But how do you go from public speaking to becoming a professional speaker and getting paid to do so? This is where, Precious Williams, the #KillerPitchMaster comes in to help you. Having appeared in numerous TOP TV shows around the world and multiple TOP business publications, Precious has over 25 years of professional speaking experience under her belt. She is the epitome of a #bookedandbusy professional speaker.

The #BookedandBusy Masterclass will teach you the art and science of pitching yourself as your own speaking brand. You will learn the secrets of getting booked for paid speaking engagements, even if you have never been paid before.

The key takeaways of this Masterclass are:

  • How to create a “killer” speaker pitch
  • The TOP strategies to go after speaking engagements and crush your competition
  • ​Build noise and buzz behind your speaking brand, helping you stand out
  • ​Where to look for speaking engagements
  • ​How to stay on track for it’s a daily task
  • ​And so much more



Precious L. Williams

Precious L. Williams is a 13-time national elevator pitch champion. She has also been been featured on "Shark Tank," CNN, WSJ, Forbes Magazine, Black Enterprise Magazine, Essence Magazine, the movie "LEAP." Her current clients include Microsoft, LinkedIn, Google, eBay, and more!

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